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MILKOIL (2020)

MILKOIL is an immersive installation exploring the ingrained behavior within family dynamics.

MILKOIL was initially staged as an immersive, autobiographical dining experience, in which the audience sat with the actors at a long table as silent spectators to a text-based performance. When feedback overwhelmingly called into question the role of the audience, actors were removed from the performance entirely to clarify the audience involvement.
Inspired by the success of an earlier installation, each collaborator created a list of stagnant signifiers that could impart direction without text or speech being used to communicate that direction. These lists were used as a starting point for creating another installation space in which the audience was guided through a performer-less performance by what was referred to as a series of asks.
I define these asks as objects that invite you to engage with them, whether by virtue of your own history with that object, the object’s particular rule(s) of engagement, or how that object behaves, or by placing two different objects together to create an unspoken invitation. This became the basis for MILKOIL in its final form.

Documentation can be viewed here.
MILKOIL was produced in collaboration with Clodagh Chapman, Neta Chan-Tov, Byungwook Jan, Amalia Paschalidi, Danny Romeo, and Inés Collado-Diaz on the Advanced Theatre Practice course at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

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