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MONSTER (2021)

Featuring an all-female identifying ensemble from across the UK and the USA, Monster is a tactile exploration of myth and womanhood, unfolding in the space between a webpage and a notebook.
Upon receiving a small black parcel in the post and the link to click-through webpage, participants are guided through a meditative journey exploring what it means to be made into something other than human, generating their own responses and co-collaborating with the performers to build a multi-sensorial experience of grotesqueness, longing, and sensuality.
To participate in Monster, participants require: a postal address; something to write with; a pair of scissors; a computer with Wifi connection; and approximately 30 minutes of alone time.

Monster was included in Calm Down, Dear 2021 at Camden People's Theatre.
Monster was developed on the MFA Advanced Theatre Practice course at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in collaboration with Nathalie Ellis-Einhorn, Talia Kracauer, Georgie Kirk, Harper Joseph, Tess Musky-Goldwyn, Sky Turiello, and Soph Wright.

Special thanks to Georgia Doolittle, Helgard Haug, Rachel Lawhead, Gemma Paintin, Krysten Peck, Rio Topley, Clio Unger, and Charlotte Williams.

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